Things You Never Want to Hear… Too!


It’s been more than four years since the first installment – it’s about time for another batch!

“Excuse me sir, can you tell the flight attendant I need a seat belt extender.”

“Good luck trying to find where I hid your anti-anxiety meds!”

“This is your lucky night – the E! Channel is airing a Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathon.”

“Unfortunately you’re out of both toilet paper AND Glade air freshener.”

“Ignore my Dad – he comes on all my first dates.”

“Does this look infected to you?”

“Oh those aren’t crumbs, they’re bed bugs.”

“I need you to Google ‘Uncontrollable Bowel Syndrome’ and tell me if there’s a quick remedy.”

“Just ignore my mastiff – I’m getting him fixed next week.”

“Sorry.  Wrong Hole.”

“We need you to bring in another pair of pants for your son – apparently he’s lactose intolerant.”

“Not only am I a Jehovah’s Witness, but I also sell insurance.”

Would love to hear from my followers – do you have any funny additions to this list? If so – leave a reply!


About themacmind

Trying to stay creative in an often boring world (one post at a time)
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