Rare Dog Breeds

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The American Kennel Club officially recognizes 178 dog breeds, but worldwide there are more than 400.  This list includes some of the more rare and interesting breeds:

  • Tibetan Hognose
  • Veener Schnowser
  • Bangkok Putz
  • Cruller
  • Peruvian Hustler
  • Cambodian Smudge
  • Pants Hound
  • North American Dingle
  • Stank Ridgeback
  • Bunt
  • Kyrie Alayson (aka Mister Mutt)
  • Hung Bravado
  • Scottish Bamfuzzle
  • Snickersnee
  • Mountain Dink

For a good laugh, check out:

Dogs Are People, Too: A Collection of Cartoons to Make Your Tail Wag


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