My Crazy Uncle Used to Tell Me… Too

For those who liked my first posting.  Here’s another batch:

  • Never chew gum in Cairo.
  • Don’t wear plaid to the dump.
  • Always shake hands with an albino.
  • Never play ping pong with a bobcat.
  • Don’t blow your nose at an auction.
  • Never give dental floss to a drifter.
  • Never have pork on a third date.
  • Don’t spear fish during lent.
  • Never blow glass in September.
  • Don’t trust a lefty garbage man.
  • Never bet on a horse named Molasses.
  • Never tip a billy goat.
  • Don’t buy cheese from a Brazilian.
  • Always wear pink before fasting.
  • Don’t play cards with your plumber.

Want more crazy? Read Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader The World’s Gone Crazy


About themacmind

Trying to stay creative in an often boring world (one post at a time)
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