Lies You Thought Were True

We’ve all been there.  Convinced that someone’s words were truthful only to find out later that they were not.  In the list before you I have attempted to assemble some good examples.  If you think of a few of your own – send me a comment.

  • You look great in bike shorts.
  • I’m telling you –  I never got your voice mail.
  • Your daughter plays one mean tuba.
  • I think your breath smells fine.
  • Your kids were such a pleasure to babysit.
  • I absolutely love your reverse mohawk.
  • That’s a cute rat.
  • You make a mean haggis.
  • I really think someone at Madison Square Garden will return your iPhone.
  • Those fingerless gloves are AWESOME!
  • You drive a Yugo – what a classic!
  • Trust me. I didn’t even notice your cold sore.
  • Your accountant is a hoot!
  • The answer is yes – capri pants DO look good on a man!
  • Keep those knock-knock jokes coming!

Want to have a few more laughs about lies? Check out these books:

Ketchup Is a Vegetable: And Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves – written by Robin O’Bryant.  Catch her on twitter @robinobryant

When You Lie About Your Age, the Terrorists Win – written by Carol Liefer (Jerry Seinfeld – contributor). Catch them on twitter @carolleifer and @JerrySeinfeld


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