Things Nobody Would Say

The title is pretty self-explanatory – so here goes:

  • Wow!  What a cool looking mall security cop.
  • Please, by all means, take both my kidneys.
  • You guys head to the bar, I’m staying home to watch The View.
  • I would LOVE to see more pictures of your baby.
  • I’m just hoping for a few more weeks of re-runs.
  • Fred: The Movie clearly deserves an Oscar.
  • Dad – can I please sit in the middle seat on the way home – you know, the one with the hump?
  • My favorite program in the world is The 700 Club.
  • Who needs Blu-Ray when you have VHS.
  • I just wish Tyler Perry was a little more prolific.
  • The most practical gift I ever received was a rain-stick.
  • That light turned green way too quick.
  • I think Jersey accents are sexy.
  • That speedo looks awesome on your grandfather.
  • I’m hoping there’s a third act to my son’s play.

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About themacmind

Trying to stay creative in an often boring world (one post at a time)
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